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Cindy Starfall, One of Featured Asian Women, Meets Mandingo

10 December, 2019 (21:29) | Asian Sex Stories, sexy asian women | By: admin

Of all the Asian women featured here, none are busier than Cindy Starfall. This Vietnamese is not only making porn videos but she is also a featured dancer and travels around the country. This is fiting for a sagittarius, born November 14. She’s just barely 30. In the adult world 30 could be considered older. But she is Asian and her looks will help keep her looking young even when she’s fifty!

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cindy starfall meets mandingo

She’s still active making videos, she has her own onlyfans site and is still on the road performing in clubs. Her Instagram is here and her twitter as recently as December 7, you could see her in Michigan at Darlings club. Her Twitter is here and you can get the latest news from her.
In this video, she meets Mandingo for some hot big cock action. Look at her face as she strains to take his massive cock.

sexy asian womem

From Blacksonblondes

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Cindy Starfall is earning some extra Christmas money by tutoring Mandingo for his trip to Vietnam. You can almost see the wheels turn in Mandingo’s head as Cindy reads out some common Vietnamese terms; he just wants to fuck her with his huge black cock. Cindy drops subtle hints and , before you know it, both are forgetting the language lesson in exchange to a trip to Cindy’s asian pussy.

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Mandingo has Cindy Starfall attempt to suck on every inch of his massive black cock- a feat that’s near impossible. Cindy sucks on the same black cock that’s eventually going to tear across her homeland and ravage the Vietnamese sluts over there. However, Cindy’s going to have Mandingo leave with empty balls as she gets ready for a ride on the biggest cock (black, white or otherwise) in the world. Mandingo gets behind her and fucks this descendant of the Viet Cong until her screams rattle everyone’s ears within a 10 mile radius. Cindy’s pussy takes a beating and it only taps out when it’s time for her mouth to get coated in Mandingo’s own MSG. Cindy’s tutoring skills are awful, but she makes up for it in the way she attacks a black cock.

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