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Milfs and Cougars on the Dating Scene

The dictionary defines milf as an attractive mother. A mother is usually an older woman over 30. There exceptions to this some mothers are in their teens and twenties but that wouldn’t qualify them to be considered a milf. A cougar is similar age of the milf but doesn’t have to have children. A milf could be divorced, single and ready to mingle, as much as a cougar. Both milfs and cougars are out there on the dating scene.
A milf is the woman all the men want. They hold the door open for her. Call to see how they are doing and send flowers on her birthday. Men of all ages love milfs. A cougar on the other hand is just like the big cat predatory looking for hot younger men. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher comes to mind when I think of a cougar relationship. She, being the older woman and him the young stud. If you read or heard about her autobiography, being a cougar is not what it is all cracked up to be. Wendy Williams would be a great example of a milf. She doesn’t date younger men. Most of them are around her age group.

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Some of the things to consider is sexual experience in deciding to choose a milf over a cougar. A very well endowed man stated he always asks if his girlfriend has children. The reasoning is his cock is so big that it would painful for most women to have sex with him and there would little to no sex in the relationship and for her it wouldn’t be enjoyable. Older women with looser vaginas are for him a plus. Other reason to date older women include respectful of you. Age is not only a number. As everyone ages arthritis and other age related problems creep up. Older men and women often respect younger people for the physical advantage alone. Not to mention younger people are dreaming usually have different social connections, enjoy different music.
I’ll never forget hearing Madonna music as I walked into a Mcdonalds’s restaurant. Really. If they say all the hoopla she created in her twenties, it would be truly amazing to hear her now as elevator music!
For men seeking an older women, the sex life is often at its peak for both. Younger men have the most testosterone and the female body sexually peaks in the thirties and forties. So it’s a match made in the bedroom!
Some of the advantages a milf or cougar have are standard for all people who date but milfs and cougars are more apt to have established careers and resultant money. More money than their just starting out, if they’re not in college, partners. They can turn them on to new things like theater or travel without a problem. They love conversing about today’s events also not nails, or hair or superficial things.
Remember to differentiate between your date as a milf or cougar. A cougar Jennifer Cox might welcome an advance from a young stud but a milf like Wendy Williams might not. Even though she’s at all the latest events and in the news all the time, she still like men her age and won’t consider a young man as a lover.
Where to meet milfs and cougars. It’s very easy. Online dating sites have become even more popular and one of the reasons is everyone is wired to the internet by phone. It’s easy to plugin, sign up and get busy sorting through those interested in you and those you’re interested in. Adult Friend Finder is a great place for milfs, cougars and everything if you should change your mind. Check it out, join for free and get busy.

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